Terms of Use

Okay, I’m going to be fairly informal about this, so play nice:

By its nature, Dyadic Unlimited (and Other Tales) is a collaborative story-building project, owned and directed by the Authors (us), with various levels of contribution by the Audience (you) depending on the particular story.

<More information on different levels of engagement can be found on the Patreon page and in each story’s information page.>

With that in mind, it’s important for us to set some foundational rules. I’ll try to keep it simple.

By engaging with and viewing our content, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Content and characters in the stories are owned and distributed strictly by the Authors.
    • For higher-tier subscribers who may contribute OCs (original characters) in background or cameo appearances, those characters are considered owned by their respective Creators. The Creators give implicit permission to the Author to include those characters in the narrative for the purpose of online distribution. This content can’t really be revoked once it is published, so contributors of cameo characters may wish to consider their contributions carefully. I will not, however, sell merch of your characters, especially without your permission.

  2. The Author and Community Leaders reserve the right to restrict a member’s participation or discontinue a member’s subscription if the Author and Community Leaders determine the member has violated any of these terms.

  3. If something about our content excites or upsets you, you are invited to join our community and initiate a respectful discussion on the topic. We will abide by the standards of respect set below.

By participating in our community (currently hosted in Discord and in WordPress’s system), you agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. Be Respectful
    • Respect the Staff
      • Here and in the community, please respect the leadership. We’re building this community for each other and for you. Community Leaders will do their best to help you if you reach out.
      • If you are given official guidance or direction from a Community Leader, follow both the letter and the spirit of the decision.

    • Respect Each Other
      • Respect privacy, pronouns, and personal space. Assume the best intentions and be excellent to each other.
      • Avoid spam, spoilers, scams, and solicitation.
      • We understand that conversations may sometimes edge toward sensitive content, and in those situations, be considerate to those who may not wish to participate and respectful to those who do.

    • Respect the Space
      • In our community spaces, keep things safe for work and safe for life. This applies to messages, content, profile name, status, bio, and pictures. Keep things PG-13 as a guideline.

    • Respect the Stories
      • I recognize and celebrate fan works and different interpretations and perspectives, but please respect the characters as you would others. You are guiding their paths and emotions. They are us, and they are you. And speaking of…

    • Respect Yourselves
      • We are all here to have fun, to engage in a world-building community, and to participate in discussions in which we have a feeling of agency perhaps otherwise privileged. We are thrilled to have you, so please help keep this community a thriving one.

  2. Be mindful of the Content Rating
    • I generally keep my content around a PG-13 level or lower. Some of the stories delve into more sensitive topics or themes, but they are always conveyed with a respectful approach. Content warnings for more sensitive content will be included throughout the stories as needed.

  3. Cause and Effect
    • When violations occur, we will assume the best intentions and intervene with reminders of our rules.
    • Assuming they do not self-correct, violators can usually expect a temporary suspension of community participation, and a Responsible-Thinking-Process conversation with a Community Leader, in which we will determine together whether the violator wishes to continue being a part of the community, and in what capacity.

  4. Closing Statements
    • These terms and conditions are subject to future changes as determined by the Authors. The community will be notified if and when these changes take place.
    • If you have questions about these terms or other aspects of the projects, we encourage you to join the community and reach out to us there.

That’s basically it! If you’re not ready to join but would still be interested in following updates, please consider following us on social media.

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