Frequently Asked Questions

  1. N/F/T’s?
    • Never.

  2. Ads?
    • Nope.

  3. AI?
    • While creators continue to be exploited, I do not consent.

  4. Content Warnings?
    • Working on them!

  5. What does Dyadic mean?
    • By definition, dyadic means to be part of a pair.
    • There are many reasons why we chose this word in the context of this story. To give you one of them at least: to be Dyadic means to build towards the balance between the masculine and feminine forces within oneself, to apply and integrate the teachings of both, and to consciously exercise those powers in harmony with each other, against the forces which would tear them apart.

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To every Seeker, a Savior. To every Despot, a Shade.