Dyadic Unlimited (and Other Tales) is a multimedia web series of interactive fiction written and designed by eir and Irlana. Hi there!
We have a beast of a world-building project that we’re bursting to share.

It spans eons and cosmos, timelines and chronologies, and occasionally confronts deep concepts and sensitive topics— although with a lighthearted and respectful approach.

For now, consider it like you would a webcomic; art, story, animations, sometimes minigames, but also one important consideration:

Your input affects how the story unravels.

In the tales of Dyadic Unlimited, you take the place in the story as observer and guide. We, the author, too, are merely an observer. We know the stories, of course. We know their pieces; we know the players and their moves. We see the paths, but we do not guide our characters on them. That privilege belongs to you.

The purpose of this website is to provide short-term functionality to the project’s vision, serving as a prototype for what will eventually become a fuller, independent web-based application that will also serve as an archive for the expanded works of Dyadic Unlimited.

Dyadic Unlimited (and Other Tales) is, by design, an audience-participating story-and-world-building experience. While interactivity is currently limited to what I can construct here and in the community Discord, there are plans in works to expand the interactivity that you, the reader and player, can have.

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It’s not about the sword, but how you choose to wield it.