Dyadic Unlimited: Act 00

The Laws of Lavratious

A non-interactive piece of fictional literature that sets the stage for the tales of Dyadic Unlimited. It is the first piece of the Origin Trilogy, preceding Acts -0 and 01.

It introduces the major players: our heroes, young refugees of an extraterrestrial conflict with superpowered tools; their antagonists, the sinister and seemingly omnipotent Authorities; and the kids’ allies, the beauteous Godbeasts, each participating in The Great Game on the wayward world they fled to.

You can expect written word as well as: interspersed artwork, fantastical imagery and action, and absurd escalation of power levels.

Chapters to this tale will be published over time.
Subscribers have the privilege of reading and providing feedback on earlier drafts of each chapter.

Please check back here for scheduled updates.